Fresh Delivery

Tilapia Delivery FreshWe are committed to the delivery of our fish with minimal stress.  We sell only to live markets, and our live-hauling delivery fleet is top-of-the-line.  Our drivers know the importance of delivering the fish with minimal stress.  We can haul 6,000 pounds of fish per truckload.  Prior to departure we use painstaking precision to maintain optimal water temperature.  The insulated fiberglass truck tanks are always preloaded with fresh water that is within 1º Fahrenheit of the fishes’ current tank water temperature.  During transport, our drivers stop every 3-4 hours to check oxygen levels.  Our truck contains a pure oxygen tank that is used to oxygenate the water if needed.  We also use specialized air stones that are engineered to create extra-fine bubbles to most effectively oxygenate the fish tanks.  This setup and focus on details ensure that our live seafood is delivered with minimal stress.  Please contact us to learn more about our delivery process.  We look forward to delivering you the freshest seafood available.  Please note that minimum orders may be subject to quantity and logistical limitations.  We certainly want to sell you fish; however, quantity and logistical demands could make the transaction cost prohibitive to either us or you.