History of the Cooperative

Freshkeepers Cooperative MembersFresh Keepers, Inc. was formed in December of 2008 by a group of independent tilapia fish producers. Having a desire to market tilapia collectively, versus competitively, the cooperative began operations on January 1, 2009. The duration is perpetual with the purpose of marketing tilapia, but not limited to aquacultured fish produced by its member producers.

The product that Fresh Keepers produces is tilapia (fish). Tilapia is a tropical fish in nature living in warm fresh and brackish waters around the world. The tilapia presently produced are an, all male, Egyptian Nilotica X Aurea F1 hybrid. The flesh has a white flaky texture, which in combination with its mild taste results in high popularity for consumers not wanting a strong fishy taste or smell.

Fresh Keepers producers have a combined 80 years of experience with most having backgrounds in animal husbandry. The producers know their RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) and know their system’s production potential and limitations. Each producer plans placement scheduling to ensure year-round production. Producers know how to keep the tilapia healthy by keeping their water quality at its best. The fish are traceable and the feeds have traceable ingredients. Quality fish production is a deep core value at Fresh Keepers.